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A non-partisan multimedia campaign to increase the

participation of the under-represented women in the political

process through voting and completing the census in Chester

County, Pa.


The under-represented women in Chester County political

process are the Black and Brown, the Latinx/Immigrants,

Single Mothers, Low Wealth, Senior Citizens, Gen X (18+) and the

LGBTQIA community.

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Calling all BIPOC Organizations, Faith Communities, Sororities,

Fraternities, Businesses and Allies!

Call to Action: Take the Challenge!



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Feet to the Street

                     Your vote counts for more than you

Voter registration and voting  has been on my  mind  a lot especially with so much being presented about either stolen votes or voter suppression. While dis-counting and suppressing votes is done to people, not voting can be a choice. How often do you talk with someone about voting and you hear, “my vote doesn’t count?” While voting is an individual activity it has far reaching impacts closer to home then we usually think about.


Just a thought: “For their sake”

For their sake we must not fail to make this democratic “experiment” work.

For their sake we must use every available “tool” to school them.

For their sake we cannot be “hemmed” in by a system never designed to listen to them.

For their sake we cannot fail this democracy test or we will again be brought low as we see the others grow in their power to strip them bear of their dignity, humanity, and fair share legacy.


For their sake we will lift our voices, and vote our choices come what may.

For their sake we will bend our knees and use our collective economy to open doors that their power cannot destroy.

For their sake we will take democracy to a new place where all faces are able to gather at the table.

For their sake, whatever it takes we must put our feet to the street and Vote!

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